by Max Akroyd

The weather continues wet and very warm. Fortunately, some of us don’t mind the mud.


I was back in the Triangle digging strawberry trenches this afternoon. Another ten metres plus done of a thirty metre bed; another fifty metres or so and the strawberry empire will be complete! I’m aiming to complete this task, and the potato trenches (150 metres in total) by the end of this month. The trenches get filled with a mix of manure and grass cuttings, soil is raked over the top and they are then left to brew over the winter. Below is a picture of the bed I’m working on (on the right), a bed still under mulch (centre) and a trench I’ve started filling up (left).


That’s the azada in the foreground. I can dig about ten metres of trench in 40 minutes with this thing, inclusive of  frequent stops for rests and  daydreaming… I then moved a long piece of plastic mulch from one bed to another and noticed – a pleasant shock for once – that the Triangle is nearly ‘sorted’: either planted, cultivated or under mulch.

We’re suddenly getting quite a few guinea fowl eggs. These are smaller than hens’ eggs:

gf eggs

But what they lack in size they make up for in taste and texture: delicious!