by Max Akroyd

A busy morning started with trenching again. I dug another 10 metre stretch which will accommodate the contents of the goathouse floor, and then strawberries. One goat had an unpleasant surprise when the farmer from down the road offered to tag her ears. At present there’s a bit of a campaign locally to register the caprine population: so she now has to have a number tag hanging from each ear (rather than gathering dust in a drawer with all the other paperwork). Failure to comply means a 700€ fine! Sorry, but to avoid that I’ll put up with having her ears pierced and her good looks spoiled… Daniel the farmer looked a bit puzzled though, as we proceeded to apologise to said disgruntled goat! 

Continuing the efforts to get the animals ready for colder weather, Emma is constructing a barricade for the front of the big pigs’ barn; this has been open to their electrified enclosure so far, but we will need to confine them soon to move the electric fence and, later in the year, to prepare for slaughter. Before they meet their (sausage) Maker it’s the enhanced comfort of extra straw to snooze in and shelter from cold draughts. A great life, while it lasts.